Two of the oxide systems we will investigate: LAO/STO (left) and LAO/ETO/STO (right)



Our idea is to exploit the unique combination of Rashba spin-orbit coupling, magnetism, superconductivity and high-mobility in the 2D electron gas at the interface between oxide insulators to investigate the possibility to realize all-oxide topological quantum devices.



Several field effect configurations are possible for oxide 2DEG-based devices. From left: back gate, side gate and top gate.


The basic element of this technology will be a nanostructure whose properties can be locally tuned using electric field effect.



Our team is composed by some of the most active and experienced groups working in the extended European Research Area in the study of nanodevices based on the 2DEG formed at the LAO/STO interface, and comprises theoretical groups experts in topological quantum computation.

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QUANTOX work plan